Day trips from Trujillo

Our city of Trujillo has plenty of places to visit. From archaeological sites like the Moche Pyramids of the Sun and The Moon, and the great citadel of Chan Chan. Also some colonial heritage such as the lovely mansions, churches, streets and plazas. We are also proud of the elegant peruvian paso horses, and traditional dances. If you are looking for off the beaten track activities, we also provide some excursions like horse riding, gastronomical, and any place you would like to visit in Trujillo. 
We also provide safe private transportation from Trujillo to any city in Peru. 
We can take you to some of the still hidden archaeological sites of Trujillo like Chiquitoyac (Chiquitoy Viejo), Huaca Colorada, or the Complex of Caballo Muerto, among others. You can visit in one day trip from Trujillo many places like the Lord of Sipan in Lambayeque, Sechin in Casma or Marcahuamachuco.
We are glad to show you our pre columbian, colonial and modern culture!