Salaverry Day Tour to Trujillo

Complete Salaverry Port to Trujillo Tour  

Temples of the Sun & The Moon - Colonial Walking Tour - Peruvian Paso Horse - Chan Chan - Huanchaco fishing village

peruvian paso tru

Our service starts picking you up from the Salaverry Port.

Then we visit:

Temples of the Sun and the Moon (1 hour), located on the Moche Valley, get amazed  byt these flat-topped pyramids. The Pyarmid of The Sun was built with about 140 million adobes, while The Temple of the Moon. moche religious temple, holds the most stunning and best-preserved murals throughout Peru. The Pyramid of The Moon walls are beautifully decorated with polychrome friezes, depicting the Moche deity "Aia-paec" and different themes mythical and ceremonial themes and characters like snakes, prisioners, dragons alluding their ceremonial rituals. 

After our Muchik visit, we head to Trujillo beautiful colonial and historical center.

Walking Colonial Tour: (50 minutes) Know the largest Main Square (Plaza de Armas) in Peru. It highlights the Freedom Monument, located in the center of the square. We also visit walk inside though the Uquiaga Ccolonial Mansion, which is also a Museum. We will observe and learn about the Cathedral and its beautiful paintings and altarpieces.

We will visit, one of the most traditionaly ex haciendas, to attend a Peruvian Paso Exhibition. The Peruvian Paso Horse, legacy of the Spanish conquest, is a very special race considered the best saddle horse in the world. The horses’ natural rhythm has won it popularity not only as a show horse, but also a dance partner, riders on horseback will couple with women on foot in a Marinera dance show. We will see the elegant chalanes (typical and traditional paso horse riders) who wear white shirt and trousers, straw hat, vicuña poncho, handkerchief, neckerchief, boots and spurs. Learn about the history of this unique horse and about their training and get to see many horses in different stage of training and age.

After our moche and colonial visits, we are ready to meet the Chimu people and the UNESCO Heritage Site of:

Chan Chan Citadel (1 hour), the largest pre-Columbian citadel of the Americas. Here we enter to the Nik-An Palace, built with refined architectural technique, which includes impressive reliefs and exquisite geometric and zoomorphic designs and friezes depicting fish, pelicans, diamonds, originally painted in ocher, yellow and red tones. The Citadel of Chan Chan had ceremonial plazas, water reservoirs, defense systems and rooms designed to store food. Chan Chan population was about 60,000 inhabitants of the Chimu empire

Finally, we visit the:

Huanchaco fishing village, where you can see the "little reed horses", traditional pre-Columbian canoes which still are the main tool of the current Huanchaco's fishermen. You will also enjoy the great vibe of this place and the surroundings. We have prudential time to stroll until we go back to the transportation.

We return to Salaverry Port. Arrival at the dock.

What is included?

  • Pick up & Drop off inside the Port
  • Air conditioned transportation for the excursion
  • English speaking guide.
  • All entrances fee (tickets)

What is not included?

  • Lunch.