Paracas Ica & Nazca 3 days 2 nights

Paracas, Ica & Nazca

Day 01: Paracas Reserve

paracas reserve

Upon arrival, transfer to the hotel in Paracas.

We will visit the Paracas National Reserve, protected area to preserve the various species of wildlife that live in this sanctuary. Its an area of 335,000 hectare, of which 35% belong to the mainland and 65% to the islands and 65% in marine waters. In the reserve we find about 216 species of sea birds: migratory, residents and / or endemic such as: white sandpiper (Calidris alba), the western sandpiper (Calidris mauri), the Semipalmated sandpiper (Calidris pusilla), the Flamingo (Phoenicopterus chilensis), among others, and 300 species of fish. Inside the Reserve, Paracas Bay is an important ecological area, characterized by its calm waters. You can enjoy a beautiful landscape, complemented with good cuisine and the magnificent beaches of the reserve. We can see the flamingos which were source of inspiration for the making of Peru national flag colors. There are plenty of rock formations located between the beaches of Supay and Yumaque. We will isit the Lagunillas beach before returning to Paracas.

Overnight in Paracas.

Day 02: Ballestas Islands - Ica City tour - Nazca In

ballestas islands paracas

Departure to the Ballestas Islands, using modern speed boats, where we observe "the candelabra" is a large petroglyph. During the trip we can spot dolphins and lots of sea birds.
The Ballestas Islands are composed of rock formations where there is an important marine fauna with guano birds like: guanay cormorants, boobies, pelicans and mainly the Inca tern (lorosterna inca).
You can also appreciate Peruvian penguins (Humboldt pinguins). Also in these islands we can see varieties of seals (fur seals and wolves droll) and other mammals, that live in this natural refuge.

After our visit to the islands, we travel to Ica, and enjoy a city tour. We will visit the Min Square, colonial houses, The Ica Regional Museum, Wineries and Pisco Distilliries, to know the process of making peruvian wines and the Pisco. We can also taste them. Later we will visit the Huacachina Oasis, a place where adventure sports like Buggies and sandboarding can be practiced.

Bus Ica Nazca.

Overnight in Nazca.

Day 03: Nazca Lines - Chauchilla Cemetery - Nazca Out

nazca lines

Transfer to the Nazca Airport.

In the waiting room you can see a video where you learn about each figure and their explanation.

We will flight over the Nazca lines where we will see the famous figures like the spider, hummingbird, monkey, etc. These detailed drawings and lines with geometric and zoomorphic shapes range in area comprising 50 km long and 15 km wide. Many theories are woven around these geoglyphs about its use and origin. Some researchers date the age of lines in 550 AD. Regarding their use, Dr. Reiche believed that they were used by ancient Peruvians as a gigantic solar and lunar calendar. Among the largest, we find the bird of almost 300 m, the lizard of 180, a pelican of 135 m, a condor of 135 m, a monkey with 135 m and a spider with 42 m.  Besides we see: a whale, a dog with long legs and tail, two llamas, diverse birds like the the pelican, the gull, the famous hummingbird and the parrot. In the category of reptiles, a lizard, that was cut to build the south panamerican road, an iguana and a snake. On the other side, we observe the impresive figures of the monkey, the snail, the spider, among others.

We visit the Antonini Museum where we will appreciate the Nazca culture in all its aspects, like ceramics, garments, and scale models of the Nazca lines: spider, monkey, hummingbird among others.

After our flight, we visit the Chauchilla Cemetery, This great necropolis dates from 1000 A.D.  It offers a variety of types of tombs in terms size and shape, the same that have been built with rectangular adobes. This is one of the largest cemeteries found in the valleys of Nazca.

Transfer to the bus terminal.


 What is included?

  • Private airport / bus terminal shuttle transfer In & Out
  • Transportation with AC and professional driver.
  • English speaking guide.
  • All transfers and entrances fee (tickets)
  • 01 night accommodation in Paracas with breakfast included.
  • 01 night accommodation in Nazca with breakfast included.  
  • Transportation Paracas --> Ica --> Nazca
  • Overflight the Nazca Lines
  • 24 hours assistance during the trip.

What is not included?

  • Meals: Lunch and dinner.