Northern Peru is a land to explore, far from the beaten path. This side of Peru still provides a real experience, and not a tourist trail, like the most known atractions of Peru.

See what the North of Peru offers you:

  • Explore fascinating archaeological ruins, an adventure to great of pre-Incan sites to discover, from pyramids and temples to ancient cities and gold-laden tombs and mummies. These ancient places date back to as early as 100AD and their scope is truly incredible. Meet the Moche people, the Chimu kingdom, The Chavin and the secrets of the Chachapoya Kuelap Fortress. Hike to see the Sarcophagi of Karajia on the highest cliffs, ancient Mausoleums, and the Caxamarca Necropolis and Acueducts.
  • Travel into the Northern Peruvian Andes and see beautiful landscapes and wildlife, see the Pastoruri Glacier, the beautiful Llanganuco Lake, hike to the Turquoise Lake 69, or the Santa Cruz Trek for stunning views, and the Huascaran National Park, or feel like an Indiana Jones, hiking the Gran Vilaya Trek or the Lake of the Condors.
  • Discover and witness the most diverse fauna, from the coastal endemic birds and mammals to the jungle flora and wildlife. From the Chaparri Reserve in a dry forest, to the cloud forest in the Amazonas region and Huembo Reserve, and the most diverse birds in Waqanqui Center, orchids and more in the jungle of Tarapoto, or visiting the less explored Amotape Hills Reserve, like in the Hualtaco or the Caucho Biological Station in Tumbes. On the northern highlands, find the greatest reserve of guanacos and Puya Raimondi in the Calipuy Reserve.
  • Enjoy Peru's best beaches and warm weather all year round, in the nicest coastal areas of Peru in Mancora, Zorritos or Punta Sal. Go whale watching, or snorkeling with sea turtles, visit the Tumbesian Mangroves and its wonderful ecosystem, or just relax at the beach.
  • Visit colonial cities, andean towns, exotic tropical villages, sugar and golden beaches, every kind of places, even little towns with great and breathtaking waterfall views.

Explore the north with the locals, Visit Northern Peru!

So, let's get started, and step into a time warp to ancient cultures, come along to feel nature, and keep your senses wild open to this incredible side of Peru! 


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