Tour Marcahuamachuco & Wiracochapampa

Full Day Tour: Marcahuamachuco - Wiracochapampa (Roundtrip) 


Travel approximately for 4 hours to Huamachuco

We visit the impressive Markahuamachuco Fortress, that comprises: El Castillo Hill, The Solar Clock, Las Monjas Hill, Los Corrales and Viejo Hills. Markawamachuko monumental buildings, possibly began in the late stage of Early Intermediate (500 BC to 700 AD). Markawamachuko was a ceremonial center. The Castillo Hill, is a circular double fortress wall. Las Monjas Hill, consists of 7 circular buildings, one of which has a circular defensive double wall. The construction and distribution of these areas show a high degree of planning, control of hydraulic engineering and architectural art, which had an enormous economic and military importance in the kingdom of wamachucos and then of the Inca Empire. Later we also visit the Wiracochapampa Site ("Fields of the Gods"). This citadel dates from 600 AD, and is located at 3000 meters. Inside the citadel, there are traces of ditches, that possibly provided water to the population. We find also small squares and areas for religious and military ceremonies. The site has palaces, warehouses, homes, temples and shrines. Apparently it was abandoned before the citadel was complete, possibly because of the fall of the Wari who probably started the work. From the pre Inca ruins in Wiracochapampa, we enjoy great views of the countryside.

We return to Trujillo to spend the night.

What is included?

  • Transportation with AC and professional driver.
  • English speaking guide.
  • All transfers and entrances fee (tickets)

What is not included?

  • Lunch.



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