Horseback riding in Trujillo

Half Day Tour: Horseback riding (Peruvian Paso Horses)

Horseback riding to Chan Chan Citadel - 3 hours

chan chan horseriding

We pick you up at your hotel.

The horseriding starts on a Peruvian Paso horse from Huanchaquito, beautiful fishing village, where you can see the some "reed little horses", traditional rafts from pre-Columbian times (Mochica - Chimu), which are the main tool of the current local fishermen. From here we begin our ride to the Citadel of Chan Chan. On the way we pass through several ruins of the Chan Chan Complex, reed fields and ancient Chimu palaces. We arrive at Nik-An Palace (Tschudi), where we will enter with our guide. This is one of the nine palaces of Chan Chan (UNESCO World Heritage Site). The place has a refined architectural technique, which includes impressive reliefs and exquisite geometric and zoomorphic designs, friezes with lines and figures of fish and birds, originally painted in ocher, yellow and red tones. The Citadel of Chan Chan had water reservoirs (wachaques) fields, defense systems and rooms designed to store and keep food. After the visit, We return to Trujillo.

Horseback riding to The Temples of The Sun & The Moon - 3 hours

We pick you up at your hotel.

We will train a little before departing, after taht we will horseride to The Temple of the Sun, which served as administrative center and was built with about 140 million adobes. We will also ride by the Moche countryside going through typical plantations of lucuma, pacaes, watermelons and vegetables, as well as various archaeological remains that have not yet thoroughly studied by archaeologists. Barraza and the Conache Ex Hacienda can be seen from far. This horseback riding let us enjoy the countryside while exploring the Moche pre Columbian archaeological sites and so it allows us to have a living experience of the life in the countryside, and the life of its people.

After that we will arrive at the Pyramid of the Moon, and visit the place with our guide. This Moche temple was a religious-ceremonial center and is beautifully decorated with polychrome friezes, alluding to the moche deity Aia-paec (the beheader or mountain god), who was offered many human sacrifices. One of the most impressive areas is the facade of the temple, that has a range of 75 meters wide and 22 meters high; and an enigmatic iconography that tells us about their gods, myths and rituals, like a parade of victorious warriors carrying their weapons of war and prisoners tied by the neck and bare, also dancers holding hands, serpents, mythical figures, giant spiders and condors. Between the two temples, stands the urban area, consisting of houses, corridors and plazas. After the visit, We return to Trujillo.

End of the tour.

What is included?

  • Transportation fot the excursion
  • English speaking guide.
  • Peruvian traditional chalan.
  • Peruvian Paso Horses.
  • All transfers and entrances fee (tickets)

What is not included?

  • Lunch.



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