Chiquitoyap Complex & Emerald Temple

Half Day Tour: Chiquitoy Viejo (Chicquitoyap) 

Learn more about hidden Chimu Ruins 


Departure to Emerald Temple, part of the Chimu Culture, whose decorations consisting fishing nets with fish inside as well as other very similar to the Nikan Palace (Tschudi), with net designs and sea otters. The adobe walls are decorated with reliefs with animal motifs and geometric shapes. This flat-topped pyramid, has some interesting, eroded reliefs worth exploring. After that we travel north, to Chiquitoy Viejo, also called Chiquitoyap and Chiquitoyac, which had a defensive function, to protect Chan Chan from possible attacks. It was built of bricks, that were made from pieces of shells, stones and mud. It was connected to the archaeological complex of Chan Chan, through a wall, that today only remain some vestiges. It was very impresive t the sight, because of its high walls that could reach up to 8 meters. The Palace security was such that to enter this one, there was just a single door. We know, for research in the complex, that, it became part of the peoples, that was conquered by the Incas. If time allows it, we make a stop at Huaca Colorada.

These visits can be combined with a stop at the Brujo Complex and the Cao Museum or the Chiclin Museum, on route. (ON REQUEST)

We go back to Trujillo.

What is included?

  • Transportation with AC and professional driver.
  • English speaking guide.
  • All transfers and entrances fee (tickets)

What is not included?

  • Lunch.


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