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about us

Northern Peru Tours

We are a local northern Peru tour operator & travel agency based in Trujillo, Peru. This allows us to operate continuous market research and ensure that you get nothing but the best value for your money.

Our programs cover everything from well known areas throughout the North of Peru, to the still yet very off the beaten track routes that are not explore by other operators. Since 2003, we have provided our travelers, high-quality customer service.

We respond quickly to any requests or questions, and are available 24-hours a day once your travel is underway. We specialize in customized itineraries through the North of Peru at reasonable rates, and offer incredible itineraries for most budgets.

Our Team

Our professional guides know this area with expertise and have lots of Knowledge and experiences to share with you. They are friendly, knowledgeable and fun, because they love to show the hidden wonders of this still not so mass touristy side of Peru.

Our professional drivers know every road, no matter if it is paved or unpaved, and are extremely careful while driving. We make you feel you are in good hands while on road.

Hotels and Accommodation: We give you many options of accommodation based on your requirements. They provide clean, cute, nice and comfortable accommodation, whether you are in a 5 star or in a basic lodgement 

Welcome to the North of Peru

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